Facing up to the challenges

Pathology companies have an opportunity to deliver a sustainable and all-encompassing healthcare solution to a growing population, whilst reducing the operational costs of maintaining an efficient medical courier network.

Healthcare is a $125b domestic industry and aims to provide a complete healthcare service to everyone, everywhere. The provision of pathology services plays an enormous role in the drive for universal healthcare, influencing around 70% of all patient health diagnoses.

A logistics operation facilitating two-way transportation for pathology samples is both a cost driver and an essential component of healthcare service delivery. Samples are transported by courier drivers under cold chain conditions in four to six-hour shifts, where they face the risk of delay and subsequent sample degradation from prolonged transit times, prohibitive geography, and uncontrollable traffic conditions – heightened in rural and remote areas.

Testing laboratories rely on the delivery of samples in order to provide fast and accurate results to the requesting physician, but often run at low utilisation rates because it’s cost-prohibitive to transport individual samples. Instead, they receive sample batches at irregular intervals throughout the day – resulting in lost efficiency and productivity.

Pathology companies have an opportunity to deliver a sustainable healthcare solution to support growing a growing population

Healthcare providers are increasingly engaging in the development and integration of innovative methods to create value and cement their market position, while reducing costs and maintaining or increasing service provision to everyone.

Optimisation and augmentation of the logistics operations associated with physically moving specimens and pathology samples presents a clear opportunity to increase service provision.

More specifically, an on-demand, autonomous airborne logistics network offers pathology providers the opportunity to undertake transformational change and connect regional hubs on demand.

The key benefits are:

Autonomous aircraft provide a number of key benefits for pathology companies

Innovative technology presents an opportunity for pathology providers to embrace innovations in technology to reduce sky-rocketing costs and allow for more efficient transportation of samples, when and where they’re required.

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