Our Solution: Global Health Supply Chain

“We need a fundamental shift in the way we mobilize resources for health and human capital.”

The short-range expiry dates of medications and the specific transportation requirements of cold chain products – such as vaccinations, blood and pathology samples – are extremely problematic and incur significant socio-economic costs within the global public health system. These costs lead to a rise in the number of emergency trips taken to hospital, the overcrowding of district health facilities, and ultimately, an increase the rate of preventable illness and death which is currently evidenced across the globe.

Swoop Aero has developed an innovative
and technological solution.

We deploy safe, reliable and sustainable drone networks, which transform the global healthcare supply chain.

The Swoop Aero solution has an impact in the global health sector

On-demand and in-stock supplies

When an order is placed for essential health supplies – Swoop Aero can deliver it in less than 20 minutes. Swoop Aero secures universal availability to essential supplies for people who need it, when they need it.  As a result, we minimise the waste of low shelf life products and sensitive cold chain supplies that were previously kept for ‘just-in-case situations’. The service allows health systems to centralize emergency stocks, which means on-demand supplies can be mobilised across the network, fast enough to save millions of lives.

We adhere to International Standards

Swoop Aero has developed a transportation method that meets international regulatory and medical standards for cold chain and sensitive medical supply delivery, like vaccinations and blood samples. We deploy the same methods to maintain cold chain as the World Health Organisation. As a result, health care workers can focus exclusively on patient care and treatment rather than maintaining the conditions required to preserve the essential medical supplies.

An investment in the Swoop Aero network will improve efficiencies along
the health supply chain

Improved patient outcomes

Better quality and availability of essential health supplies translates to better health outcomes for everyone. Swoop Aero partners with international NGO’s such as Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Gates Foundation, UNICEF as well as national governments to:

Reduce infant mortality
Provide emergency assistance to reduce avoidable deaths
Reduce cases of preventable death and prolonged illness
Increase vaccination rates
Strengthen the local healthcare supply chain
Strengthen the local healthcare supply chain
Ensure healthcare is made accessible and affordable through the reduction of transportation and delivery costs associated with healthcare.

Reduced present cost leakages

An investment in the Swoop Aero network will:

Reduce the waste and cost associated with current overstocking of essential medical supplies to mitigate short shelf expiry dates and cold chain interruptions that spoil essential medications. 
Reduce the number of patient referrals 
Reduce the number of emergency trips 
Reduce the global health inequality gap that impacts negatively upon the national economic and social development of countries. 

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