How we work

Sustainable. Scalable.

Built from real world experience operating in 5 countries, we deploy the world’s most trusted platform for air logistics as part of our flagship fully managed service; and, provide our technology platform exclusively to partners who want to have impact at scale.

One integrated platform for scalable air logistics

The Swoop Aero platform is more than just a drone with many systems and processes bolted on. We provide a holistic logistics platform underpinned by the digital twin that seamlessly integrates all components of the value chain, including the skies above.

We transform the way our partners move their essential supplies and deliver crucial services by providing them with the infrastructure they need to streamline every step along the value chain—and making access to the air seamless.

The result is a safe, responsive and sustainable solution that enables two-way deliveries and end-to-end logistics across multiple destinations, organisations, and providers to keep essential services moving.

Our Service Offering

Swoop Aero’s platform service offering evolves with our partner's needs; from our core platform for drone logistics to our flagship fully managed service for medical transport, we work selectively with organisations ready to operate drone logistics at scale.

1. The Core Platform Partnership

As part of our core platform partnership, we provide all necessary hardware, unlimited access to our cloud-based software suite, spares on demand, and insurance to keep you safe –  for a fixed monthly fee. You’ll also have access to training and support at every step of the way; so access to the skies is seamless.

2. Options for Platform Partnership Evolution

Beyond the core platform partnership, we offer extended service options including aviation regulatory engagement, high density flight operations capability, and specialist equipment such a real-time visual monitoring.

3. Our Flagship fully managed service

Swoop Aero’s flagship fully managed service guarantees to seamlessly and safely run all flight operations within the logistics network for a fixed cost. This includes providing the full technology stack, managing all regulatory work, leading the workforce, and ensuring operational outcomes are achieved no matter what unforeseen challenges arise.


Get to know our technology

Proven in the toughest conditions in the world, The Swoop Aero platform encompasses the full suite of technology needed to sustainably operate drone logistics at scale, integrated into a single, seamless system with global coverage.

Operations Management and Fleet Admin

Our off-board software suite leverages a fully integrated Fleet, Operations, and Mission Management capability alongside the digital twin to deliver world-leading airworthiness outcomes.


The autonomous aircraft fleet

Able to be shifted between mission roles in under 30 seconds with a pod swap, Swoop’s electric, autonomous, 3D printed aircraft have multiple levels of redundancy across all flight systems, integrated Detect and Avoid (DAA), and have performance monitored in real-time by our intelligent avionics architecture.

Ground Control Station & C3 Infrastructure

Approved by regulators across the globe, our remote pilot station (RPS) and C3 links have been designed from day one to support one pilot monitoring and controlling multiple autonomous drones simultaneously, communicating only via satellite if needed.

Integrated failsafe and mission planning

Plan with confidence using the Swoop Aero route planning portal; part of an integrated software suite, with all flight data centralised into a single platform, and combined with software crosschecks to prevent any unsafe or non-compliant flight operations.

System Safety with the digital twin

Each aircraft sub-component is tracked through life from origin through use on-board the aircraft and combined with high-quality data flowing from the asset ecosystem into the digital twin. This allows analysing data and understanding the smallest details so nothing is left to chance.

Air Traffic Management with UTM Infrastructure

The Air traffic management portal enables 3rd party view-only access for all aircraft operations. API integration with UTM service providers and air service providers enables 3rd party flight approval (LAANC & remote ID compatible), or provision of the ATM portal is available for flight approval sequence management.

Social Responsibility Made Easy

Building Local Skills and Community Engagement

Whenever we create a new logistics network, we hire and train an entirely local operations workforce. By upskilling local talent and including the community, everyone feels a sense of pride and ownership in the network they have helped create to improve peoples’ social and economic prosperity.

Swooping In To Deliver Real Human and Economic Value

Our proven platform is scalable and replicable within days—not months—providing rapid positive impact, operational efficiencies, and cost-effectiveness. By collaborating with global partners and their communities, we grow community confidence, reputation, and prosperity across our networks.

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