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Safety first, always

At Swoop Aero, we take a safety-first approach to everything we do. Aircraft need properly trained people to operate them, which is why we don’t sell our aircraft.

We take a top-down approach to aviation regulation management. All projects are assessed in partnership with regulatory bodies to receive the appropriate approvals for running complex, commercial flights.


End-to-end logistics management

Healthcare logistics requires more than vehicles to ensure the supply chain works seamlessly. Our service incorporates 2-way airborne transportation plus a holistic logistics management software (LMS) system, SwoopNest, with the ability to integrate into an existing LMS via API if required.

Healthcare providers can place an order and track the delivery to its destination, while aircraft and all flights can be tracked and monitored to ensure they’re working at optimum efficiency – all on a single platform.


Upskilling local resources for long-term sustainability

It’s critical to work with and upskill the local health workers so they can continue their regular workloads and are able to work independently, as quickly as possible.

For longer term activities, local resources are hired to build a small and efficient full-time local workforce, eliminating the need for an international team to manage operations.

Asset light

Asset light, low impact

Our “asset light, low impact” approach reduces the cost to scale and means the Swoop Aero network can deploy to anywhere. A new network can be up and running within 72 hours.

On the ground operations don’t need complex and costly ground infrastructure to begin flights. Flights can begin almost immediately, as long as a clear space is available for the aircraft to land, and can be cordoned off to keep the public safe.

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