Our experience


In 2018, we deployed the world’s first autonomous two-way air transport network in Vanuatu. On December 18th, Baby Joy became the first child in the world to be vaccinated with a vaccine delivered by drone under a commercial contract, thanks to a Swoop Aero aircraft delivery.

In Vanuatu, we  proved our ability to transform the health supply chain with two-way logistics, through on-demand delivery of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, test kits, and other supplies. We even made life-saving emergency deliveries of Oxytocin to mothers suffering from postpartum hemorrhaging. We gave healthcare workers the control they need to deliver better care, and focus on their jobs without having to worry about supplies.


Starting in 2019, we have deployed an autonomous air transport network in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to support the regional vaccination program. The DRC is one of the most challenging environments in the world, and the healthcare system must deal with issues ranging from Malaria and Yellow Fever, to Ebola. We have partnered with the Ministry of Health and supported VillageReach to prove that the Swoop Aero solution can be used to revolutionise the delivery of healthcare in the nation. The project received ongoing funding and will be entering enduring operations in the next few months. Stay posted for more details.


In November 2019 Swoop Aero took over operations on the USAID Global health supply chain project in the Nkhata Bay district of Malawi. Operating from the district hospital, we quickly expanded existing operations to service 3x the number of healthcare centres that had been serviced previously. Operating up 10 long range flights per day, with multiple aircraft airborne at once, to facilitate cold chain deliveries, medication drops, and collections of blood samples for hiv/aids testing, we are enabling  better access for healthcare for the people of Nkhata Bay.


In January 2020 we launched a multipurpose drone operation in the Nsanje and Chikwawa district of Malawi with funding from UNICEF and UKAID. By combining seamless daily long range deliveries with an ability to assist with flood mapping and disaster response, the program will strengthen the health supply chain and improve access to healthcare during the flood season for the 500,000 residents of southern Malawi.


In 2020, Swoop Aero commenced operations in Mozambique, alongside Village Reach. We conducted on average between 10 and 12 flights per day across multiple geographical locations including full SORA flights over populated areas, covering on average 600 kilometers per day.  Our mission was to improve the reliability of the health service to deliver essential health supplies and expand the geographical scale of the service to improve the health outcomes of more people.We transported Tuberculosis (TB) sputum samples for urgent testing, in a country-first program – previously 67% of samples were lost before reaching the lab. Our service improved the health outcomes of 804 000 people as we increased the distribution rates of essential medications and supplies by 203% as well as scale up the existing health supply network to effectively service the densely populated urban centers.