Our Solution: Pathology Providers

Current methods of healthcare delivery and pathology sample transportation services across rural and urban areas rely on conventional aircraft fleets and on-the-ground vehicle delivery services, which require high-cost asset purchases and a lot of time from an expensive labour force.

Swoop Aero’s solution enables on-demand pathology care for remote and regional communities with a more sustainable method: aeromedical drone logistics. Drones reduce the distribution costs associated with healthcare and medical deliveries, including wage bills and asset purchase costs, as well as maintenance costs associated with larger vehicles.

The Swoop Aero solution facilitates quick and on-demand pathology services

Reduction of critical journey times

Swoop Aero provides the capability to deliver samples or blood within windows that are measured in minutes, not hours. Patients and providers are provided the assurance in real time of where their delivery is and the expected time to delivery.

Capital expenditure cost reductions

The need for large and multiple laboratory testing facilities is reduced due to the speed and scale of the drone networks’ reach. The consolidation of resources through a distribution base ensures human and capital resources are operating at their maximum potential efficiency.

Environmentally sound, tech enabled

Transport accounts for 23% of global greenhouse emissions. The Swoop Aero network can be powered entirely on solar power. The Swoop Aero aircraft fleet is powered by electric batteries

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