Our Solution: Pharmaceutical Logistics

Many pharmaceutical products are condition-specific and have a short shelf life span.

The current methods employed by pharmaceutical companies to store and transport these products are inefficient and costly;

stockpiles are kept large to accommodate anticipated demand from remote communities
this leads to significant wastage costs associated with unused, expired products. 
In addition, pharmaceutical companies are required to invest in multiple and costly storage facilities to house these products so as to overcome geographical distance and product condition specifications.

The Swoop Aero solution centralises key resources from a main hub location and facilitates ‘on-demand’ pharmaceutical products across a large geographical area

Improved customer outcomes

Customers can order the products they need, when they need them, which are delivered by drone – quickly, safely and cost effectively.

Capital expenditure cost savings

In consequence, the number of storage facilities is dramatically reduced and these capital expenditure cost savings can be managed back into the health supply chain to expand the drone network to service more and more communities.

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