Our Technology Platform

We offer an all-inclusive, world-leading technology ecosystem built by Swoop Aero.

By combining our aircraft in the skies and our software suite in the cloud; we provide the complete infrastructure for drone logistics at scale.


Our aircraft in the skies

Building on the lessons of over 18,000 flights, Kite™ provides world-leading range & payload combinations and advanced detect & avoid technology with true redundancy across every system to keep the skies safe.

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Our software suite in the cloud

Our proprietary software suite represents every application needed for drone logistics at scale. From planning to reporting and powered by the digital twin; our all encompassing tool enables seamless drone logistics at scale

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A Complete Technology Infrastructure

Our partners come to us for solutions. So at Swoop Aero, we ensure our partners are equipped from launch with a full technology stack, including hardware, software, and supporting infrastructure. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without wheels.

Swoop Aero's software suite

Underpinning our aircraft is a four-pillar platform grounded in the expertise of our team and developers. Alongside our aircraft, we provide the full technology stack, manage all regulatory work, lead the workforce and ensure operational outcomes are achieved no matter what unforeseen challenges arise.

Further, real-time tracking, supply chain data, capture and analytics are provided within our integrated technology platform. We enable the sharing of our impact with all stakeholders via real-time dashboarding, and feed information back and forth in real-time, giving the team up-to-date oversight of key data.

Processed in the cloud, our Digital Twin drives our insights into system reliability and performance to deliver world-leading airworthiness outcomes through the use of AI. We take the time to analyse data and understand the smallest details.  Our attention to detail underscores our commitment to operational safety and global best practices so as to yield industry-leading and safest outcomes for all.

Configuration, Operations, & Airworthiness management

Each Kite component is monitored, action is tracked, and decisions recorded by high-quality data flowing from the asset ecosystem into the digital twin, which uses AI to keep you safe.

Swoop Aero manages the oversight of operations, including securing operational release for flights and flight authorisation. We ensure all regulatory reporting requirements, including for maintenance management, defect reporting and rectification, are met.

Our partners are provided with real-time dashboarding for instant updates and broad situational awareness of large scale drone logistics operations, for success at every point in the supply chain.

One to many Ground Control Station (GCS)

With nothing more than an iPad, a pilot can use our operationally-proven GCS  to monitor multiple autonomous aircraft simultaneously, from anywhere in the world.

Our platform provides quality airspace technology for our clients, including Full Air Traffic Control and UTM integration available by encrypted API, including route approval takeoff and airspace entry clearance, in-flight instructions, and traffic deconfliction.

Built with precision for versatility, we’ve integrated automated inbound and outbound flight scheduling, and operator requested dynamic route deviation is available for SAR and disaster response missions.

Simultaneous communication links

Our proven communications suite enables low latency connectivity anywhere in the world by leveraging mobile internet, satellite communications, and regional specific direct links.

This innovative approach to communications enables Swoop Aero to operate in some of the most austere geographical locations, from remote communities in DR Congo to the Highlands and Isles of Scotland.

Integrated flight route planning

Planning is made easy with our cloud-based software. Our flight route planning software platform includes automated checks preventing any breach of aircraft, airspace, or ground risk limits so as to ensure the airspace and aviation ecosystem remains agile, robust, and resilient.

Once a route is planned, checked by Swoop Aero’s software, and approved, version control and updates are managed centrally and processed automatically. This means an aircraft can never fly a non-approved route, and secure deliveries are guaranteed for every flight.

See our complete technology platform in action

Our full technology stack makes Swoop Aero unique, and our commitment to delivering for our partners has driven our record of success across seven countries and five continents. Plus, it’s only one cog that makes the wheel turn in Swoop Aero’s advanced technology platform.

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