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TerryWhite Chemmart Pharmacy is airborne!

Lucy Walker and Swoop Aero are unlocking the skies above Queensland to deliver essential medical supplies to you when you need them, in less than one hour.

COVID-19 brought doctors closer to patients through telehealth, making it easier and faster to access healthcare. In an Australian-first, essential medical supplies can now be accessed with the same level of convenience via air delivery for a 40km radius. We are taking flight in late 2021!

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Goondiwindi, home to innovation and the future of healthcare

Drone logistics to unlock the skies and launch the next era of medical logistics in Queensland

The medical network is launching in Queensland’s Goondiwindi and is delivering routine and emergency medical supplies to the surrounding regional communities from this summer. 

The operations have been developed in partnership with TerryWhite Chemmart and Symbion to reduce critical journey times as well as overcome the tyranny of distance. The pilot will also play an important role in completing the circle of telehealth for regional patients. 

How It Works

Participating customers can request drone delivery of their goods from TerryWhite Chemmart. The TerryWhite Chemmart team will fill your order, and our Swoop Aero ground operator will package and deposit your order into our aircraft’s drop pod at our distribution centre. All ready for our aircraft to make a delivery direct to your door.

Our autonomous aircraft travels to its destination, hovering 5m from your desired location before dropping your goods safely to you before returning to our hub.

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About Lucy Walker

Lucy Walker and her team at TerryWhite Chemmart Goondiwindi are passionate about rural healthcare.

More than that, they are committed to finding innovative ways to better service communities even those from afar. As part of this journey, the team are excited to introduce a drone delivery service in partnership with Swoop Area — a project designed to address the limitations imposed by distance, floods and border closures. Through this service, the team look forward to meeting the health needs of the communities surrounding Goondiwindi no matter the distance or circumstance. Please reach out to us today for a chat to find out how we can service you from afar.

Swoop Aero: Creating Real Positive Impact

Positively Impacting Millions

The scalable healthcare networks we’ve built since our foundation in 2017 positively impact millions of people in some of the world’s hardest-to-reach places in Vanuatu, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mozambique and Australia.

Pioneering 4.0 Technology

Our ground-breaking Industry 4.0 technology integrates air logistics seamlessly into existing operations, enabling more efficient, responsive and faster solutions where they’re needed most. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we became the first company in the world to remotely pilot commercially-used drones from another country.

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