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Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is the Chief Solution Architect and leads the strategic development of Swoop Aero's critical software systems.

Fletcher Miles

Fletcher Miles is Swoop Aero's Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the day-to-day management of Swoop Aero's global operations.

Lewis Hill

Lewis Hill is the Director of Flight Operations, working closely with international regulators to ensure all flights are reliable, safe, and effective.

Isabel Lam

Isabel Lam is our Head of Strategy. She is responsible for shaping our strategy and mission, and defining strategies for new market entry.

Josh Tepper

Josh Tepper is the Chief Technology Officer at Swoop Aero. He leads the technical design and implementation for our fleet of Kookaburra aircraft.

Eric Peck

Eric Peck is the Chief Executive Officer at Swoop Aero, leading the overall business strategy and managing our global relationships.
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