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Swoop Aero’s global regulatory achievements 

Swoop Aero is a world leader in complex beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) and regulatory approvals supporting logistics supply chains. Having safe ongoing operations in 6 countries, Swoop Aero has gained significant experience in different environments and is trusted by Regulators to safely and efficiently conduct operations worldwide.

In Vanuatu, Swoop Aero worked with the Civil Aviation Authority of Vanuatu (CAAV) to enable the first commercial movement of aeromedical logistics. This was the first time an operation of its type had been approved.

In Malawi, Swoop Aero worked with the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA) towards the first complex BVLOS operational approval ever issued. This built on the progressive work done by the DCA in their Drone Corridor program, fostering operations at a far greater pace than other countries.

In Mozambique, the Mozambican Civil Aviation Institute (IACM) approved the carriage of Dangerous Goods paving the way for pathology samples, and vaccines to be transported. This represents the next step in maturity for remote piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) operations, and culmination of significant work from Swoop Aero in developing the platform to ensure safe transport.

In DRC, Swoop Aero, in conjunction with VillageReach, was approved to operate the world’s largest two-way medical logistics network in the world. The routes and areas approved by the AAC cover some 25,000 square kilometres, representing some of the longest and most complex RPAS operations ever approved.

In Australia, Swoop Aero is working closely with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to approve the most complex RPAS operations ever to occur in Australia. This is possible due to the Swoop Aero’s consistent and proactive work with regulators, and the Australian Government’s vision for the role of RPAS in the country’s future.

In the United Kingdom, Swoop Aero has partnered with Skyports to begin pioneering deliveries on behalf of the National Health Service (NHS). This process showcased the fantastic collaboration resulting from our new platform model, and has resulted in significant approvals from the CAA UK include Temporary Danger Areas, Operational Approvals, and Approvals to carry Dangerous Goods (DGs). These operations are now underway in Scotland, with plans to expand.

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