Last Mile Optimisation Begins with the First Mile

Sustainable, reliable, and scalable air logistics networks have the capacity to transform supply chains at the first and last mile.


Eric Peck: Swoop Aero is en-route to DR Congo

The question of “Why” compels leadership and commands great action in the pursuit of equitable access to healthcare


Behind the pandemic: The rise of prevalent diseases

Vaccines don’t just prevent infectious diseases; they are essential in maintaining global security and economic stability.


A Drone Ecosystem that works safely for all

We are witnessing a logistics revolution; one that will redefine the way goods and people are moved around the world


Future-proofing a city: Why air transport is key

The scale and rapid speed of urbanisation is a grand challenge of the 21st century. How can air transport overcome these new challenges?


New Zealand and Medical Drone Delivery

We are ready to transform the New Zealand health system and improve access to healthcare where and when it is needed


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