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Four Ways COVID-19 Will Change Global Health

What will the post-pandemic world look like? Will COVID-19 redefine and yield a new understanding of what is ‘normal’?


Five Ways Drone Logistics Can Fight COVID-19

We've identified some of the key benefits to people and governments, which are obtained using air logistics


Transforming Telehealth Delivery

Our medical drone logistics service offering serves to compliment the expanding telehealth sector - find out how


The Positive Impact of Engineering

The global healthcare sector has experienced a technological transformation. Engineers have led this movement.


The First Internationally Piloted Drone Delivery

COVID- 19 has demonstrated that we must utilise technological solutions to help fight and curb the spread of infectious diseases.


For-profit businesses drive greater impact, not less

Profit is not a bad thing. It remains a facilitator of positive action and encourages innovation, efficiency and sustainability.


Meet the Founders: Eric Peck and Joshua Tepper

In 2017, Eric and Josh were driven to transform the way the world moves essential supplies. Meet the co-founders of Swoop Aero


Airborne logistics and disaster management

Swoop Aero’s bi-directional drone networks have the capability to deliver essential supplies to locales previously out of reach.


How drones are enabling the UN’s Global Goal

Swoop Aero provides the world's leading technology platform for sustainable, reliable, and scalable drone logistics


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