Making access to the skies seamless


Swoop Aero is trusted to develop and implement a sustainable, reliable, and scalable technology platform that makes access to the skies seamless.

Our world-leading drone logistics service moves sky and earth to ensure a constant flow of essential supplies and services—anywhere on the planet.

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Advanced solutions

From pathology, vaccinations, and urgent blood to humanitarian aid, and disaster relief—our contactless, scalable drone logistics platform delivers on-demand, everywhere.

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Life-changing operations

Our transformative service is trusted by National Governments, the UN, USAID and UK Aid, among others, in countries such as Vanuatu, Malawi, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Australia.

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How we work

We provide the complete technology infrastructure

We provide a comprehensive technology platform to integrate drone logistics seamlessly into your everyday life.

We are trusted to deliver a seamless service

From the core technology platform to a fully managed logistics service, our partnership expansion options deliver what you need on-demand.

We deploy sustainable air logistics at scale

We partner exclusively with organisations who are seeking to operate safe and reliable drone logistics at scale.

We create real positive impact

From smart manufacturing solutions to localised operations, sustainability is built into our DNA and impact is an integral part of everything we do.

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Case study

Introducing Kite ™ – Swoop Aero’s next generation urban aircraft

We started our organisation to bridge the last mile in health logistics in the harshest environments. But our technology has unlocked such versatility that we can improve global logistics across numerous sectors, keeping us on track to reaching 100 million people in 2025.

Building on our unparalleled real-world operational experience, from the freezing mountains of Scotland to the warm heart of Central Africa, Kite™ unlocks the skies above cities, addressing critical logistics gaps.

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Case study

The Swoop Aero Platform, built natively with no external dependencies, evolves with our partners needs

Our integrated technology platform bridges the gaps in logistics by overcoming vast distances, traffic congestion, location accessibility, inhospitable terrain, and data shortages—in developed and developing nations alike.

Our complete technology ecosystem underpins everything we do. We offer a service that guarantees to seamlessly and safely run all flight operations within the logistics network.

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Case study

How Swoop Aero delivered critical supplies throughout the COVID-19 pandemic

In January 2020, we launched a multi-purpose medical air logistics and disaster relief operation in the Nsanje and Chikwawa districts of Malawi with funding from UNICEF and UK aid.

By combining seamless daily long-range drone deliveries with an ability to assist with flood mapping, and disaster response, the program strengthens the health supply chain. It also improves access to healthcare during the flood season for the 500,000 residents of Malawi South.

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About Us

Swoop Aero transforms the way the world moves by making access to the skies seamless.

Swoop Aero provides the complete technology platform to seamlessly integrate drone logistics into our partner’s operations; we are the wings that strengthen safe hands.

Through partnerships with global health leaders and pioneering organisations, we’ve established operations in five countries, positively impacting millions of people in some of the world’s hardest-to-access locations.

Latest News

‘BVLOS’ approvals obtained in Australia

Swoop Aero has obtained BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line Of Sight) approval for medical logistics operations in QLD.


Swoop Aero wins in the Pause Awards

Swoop Aero won the B-Good Award in the 2021 Pause Awards as part of the Pause Fest.


UAVaid partnership in Sierra Leone

UAVaid and Swoop Aero have signed a strategic partnership for air logistics services in Sierra Leone.


Swoop Aero celebrates two years in Malawi

Swoop Aero celebrates the two-year anniversary of bi-directional drone logistics operations in Malawi.


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Meet the Team: Customer Success Manager Chloe Ho

We’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.


Meet the Team: Commercial Programs Mgr India Birrell

We’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.

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