Swoop Aero provides Airborne Mobility as a Service in healthcare

Operating an on demand, high speed, autonomous airborne logistics network, we increase the reach and timely access to medical services everywhere we operate

We are redefining healthcare with Airborne Mobility


Inhospitable terrain, unpredictable waterways, mountain ranges, poor infrastructure, traffic congestion, and long distances limits the capability of ground transport

This means healthcare providers can’t give people everywhere access to their services

Swoop Aero leverages autonomous aircraft in the free sky above to carry medical supplies to people in need


Our founding team and collaboration partners combine the right combination of skills and experience to redefine healthcare with airborne mobility

Swoop Aero Team – Eric Peck

Eric Peck

Co-Founder / CEO
Swoop Aero Team – Josh Tepper

Josh Tepper

Co-Founder / CTO

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