Transforming the way the world moves
life-changing supplies.

Swoop Aero is enabling on-demand healthcare with aeromedical logistics.
In doing so, we are improving the lives of millions of people around the world.

We’ve enabled on-demand healthcare in Australia;Malawi;Vanuatu;DR Congo;Mozambique

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50% of the world’s population lacks access to basic healthcare

This inequality exists everywhere. Even in Australia. Swoop Aero is changing that.

We provide a managed Air Transport Service

…more than just a drone

Swoop Aero is enabling on-demand healthcare by deploying aeromedical logistics networks, to access places that ground transport can’t, safely, reliably and sustainably. Our services have been used by the UN, USAID and UKAid amongst others, to transform health supply chains around the world, from Vanuatu to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, in Malawi and in Mozambique.

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Safe. Reliable. Sustainable.

At Swoop Aero, our mission is to transform the way the world moves essential health supplies. We provide an aeromedical logistics service, and moving medical supplies, on-demand; is our bread and butter.

We use our transformational aviation system to enable strong, agile, and responsive health supply chains for our partners across the globe.

We recruit, train, and upskill local talent to oversee, manage, and coordinate our flight operations in the countries we operate in. 

We maintain exemplary aviation safety standards, which is why we are trusted to operate our service in national airspace from Africa, to the Pacific.

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