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Swoop Aero, FAA and CASA join forces

Swoop Aero joins forces with FAA and CASA to undertake a joint certification process


21 July 2022 Melbourne, Australia: Swoop Aero, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) are undertaking a joint Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPAS) certification project to catalyse the advancement and strengthening of the global aviation industry.  Over the coming months, the project will enable the seamless integration of drone technology across urban and rural environments throughout the world, specifically Swoop Aero’s latest and most advanced aircraft, The Kite™.

The FAA certification process remains the world’s most comprehensive regulatory and safety framework for aviation-based activities. Swoop Aero’s attainment of FAA Type certification will bolster the exemplary safety record held by the organisation and enable the seamless integration of the technology-based platform into urban environments.

“Our world-first collaboration with the FAA and CASA means that Swoop Aero is setting the gold standard for the global aviation sector. We are working closely with the leading regulatory bodies globally to ensure the Swoop Aero technology-enabled platform meets the highest global safety standards and can scale up the service across every inch of the globe”, said Eric Peck, Swoop Aero’s CEO

This joint certification process will further strengthen Australia’s aviation capabilities. As an Australian-built company, Swoop Aero has demonstrated the value and impact of the technology on an international scale. The involvement of CASA will ensure Australia remains world-leading in its regulatory stance and framework toward drone technology and its application across a myriad of industry sectors and locales. Alongside this joint certification program, Swoop Aero is also undertaking the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) design verification process for Kite to enable operations for its European customers.

The strengthening of Australia’s aviation capability is further supported through the enhancement and mass scaling up of Swoop Aero’s production headquarters in Port Melbourne, Australia. The investment in the local aviation ecosystem will further bolster jobs in the aviation sector. The demand for local talent continues to increase in line with the demand for the Swoop Aero technology-based platform across the world, including the US, Europe, and Southeast Asia.

“CASA is excited to be working collaboratively on the joint type certification and production certification of this remotely piloted aircraft. This project promotes the safe growth and innovation of the RPAS sector and will help pave the way for future growth in the industry.” Pip Spence, Chief Executive Officer and Director of Aviation Safety, Civil Aviation Safety Authority.