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AAUS Humanitarian Achievement Award

21 January 2021 

Swoop Aero wins the 2021 AAUS Humanitarian Achievement Award

Melbourne, March 11: Australian drone-powered logistics company, Swoop Aero, has been awarded for its impact-driven operations across Africa and won the 2021 AAUS Humanitarian Achievement Award. The Award recognises organisations that demonstrate the role unmanned technologies can play in bettering our world and addressing global developmental challenges.

Eric Peck, CEO and co-founder of Swoop Aero, affirmed, “We are proud to accept the Award which recognises Swoop Aero’s achievements in the realm of impact-driven activities in low and middle-income countries. To date, we have improved the accessibility and availability of essential health supplies for over 1 million people across the world from Vanuatu to Malawi, DR Congo and Mozambique. As we continue to scale-up our impact, we remain on track of reaching 100 million people with sustainable drone logistics by 2025. Our platform has been trusted by some of the largest players in global health, including UNICEF, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, USAID and UKAID.”

The Swoop Aero platform integrates air transport into the last and first-mile health chain improving its robustness and resilience and enabling the reliable provision and distribution of essential supplies such as vaccines, routine medications, urgent pathology samples, and PPE equipment.

In recent months, Swoop Aero has commenced operations in Scotland, with UK air mobility partner Skyports operating the Swoop Aero drones to support NHS Scotland deliver essential COVID-19 samples and vaccinations to remote localities in the Highlands and Isles of Scotland. Swoop Aero also recently announced its Queensland pilot project alongside TerryWhite Chemmart, with funding from and Australia’s largest healthcare wholesaler, Symbion, to deliver routine medications to farmers and remote communities alongside the rural Queensland & NSW borders.

The company continued to operate a sustained medical drone logistics network in Malawi, supporting the national Ministry of Health and Population tackle the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. In DR Congo (DRC), Swoop Aero is also supporting the DRC Government curb and mitigate the resurgent Ebola epidemic in addition to the ongoing network operations alongside NGO partner VillageReach.