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Swoop Aero wins in the Pause Awards

Swoop Aero receives the B-Good Award in the Pause Awards 2021


Tuesday 7 December, Melbourne, AUSTRALIA: Swoop Aero has been selected for the B-Good Award winner in the 2021 Pause Awards.

The Pause Awards are part of Pause Fest, the world’s leading festival for business and creativity. Over eleven years, Pause Fest has celebrated and fueled the Australian ecosystem with the most innovative companies on the planet, including Airbnb, Atlassian, Canva, and Google.

This year, Swoop Aero was one of the exceptional organisations selected as category winners, joining the likes of Ovira,  Linktree, Law on Earth, Verve Super, and Booktopia with our selection in the B-Good Award category.

“The B-Good Award recognises a company that has done well for the community and the world. Delivering emotional and economic prosperity through drone logistics is at the very core of our business model, so it’s with immense pride that we accept this award and recognition,” said Swoop Aero’s CEO and co-founder Eric Peck.

Swoop Aero’s unique approach to the drone logistics industry drives its leadership in the field and success in the Pause Awards. The Melbourne start-up provides not simply a ‘drop-and-go’ service but rather a holistic service, wholly designed to keep supply chains moving with two-way deliveries and end-to-end logistics.

Swoop Aero has conducted over 10,000 missions and transported over 500,000 items, including emergency blood samples, anti-rabies vaccines, emergency oxytocin, and basic childhood vaccinations for preventable and communicable diseases such as malaria, HIV, COVID and TB— saving lives and improving access to health. These missions connect and empower organisations, healthcare workers, suppliers and patients like never before with a safe, responsive and sustainable service.

Swoop Aero is on track to achieving our core to provide a  drone logistics service to 100 million people in 2025 and grow that impact to make it accessible by one billion people by 2030 and in the process delivering impact across industries, including health, transport, disaster management, and search and rescue.

This growth projection is premised on the integration and scaling-up of the air logistics platform into new and emerging markets, including the United States, Europe, Australia,