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Meet the Team: Director of Reg. Affairs Zac Kennedy

Humans of Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero is dedicated to changing the way the world moves. Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers. 

In our new team profile series, Humans of Swoop Aero, we’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, create nuanced strategy, and deploy our ground-breaking technology to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.

Introducing… Director of Regulatory Affairs Zac Kennedy

Zac Kennedy started his career looking at integrating drones in the national airspace as an Aerospace Engineer at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) in Australia, and worked for Qantas Group in Regulatory Engagement, leading Safety Management and Assurance, and Business Improvement.

“During this time, I completed my Master of Laws to develop a deeper understanding of Regulatory Affairs and Government Advocacy, which allowed me to broaden my experience with non-for-profit organisations,” said Zac.

“I then realised I wanted to use my experience to make a more tangible positive impact and Swoop Aero had an amazing opportunity going!”

At Swoop Aero, Zac leads the Regulatory Affairs and Certification team to ensure that we can provide our platform and services globally. This means working with leading aviation regulators to gain sweeping design and operational approvals, as well as working with governments to break down barriers to greater adoption.

For Zac, a typical day has a thoroughly global outlook.

“A typical day starts with catching up on our international operations. As Melbourne is waking up, operations in Malawi are finishing up for the day and we can see the emergency delivery they provided!

“I might then have a discussion with the Regulator of how we can achieve the impossible— from operating drones from a busy airport in Australia, to operating aircraft from thousands of kilometers away. Then moving into an American timezone I might work through drone certification work with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in the United States.”Zac’s day-to-day work at Swoop Aero means having a tangible impact on people’s lives and health outcomes for communities around the world, working on the bleeding edge of aviation, and working through unique challenges that no one has ever experienced

“I love working with a team of people who are not only amazing at what they do, but driven by wanting to help others. I love being able to use my skills and experience to help grow the organisation and team. I love going to work, it isn’t easy, but we are doing things that others thought were impossible.”

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