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Swoop Station

An eco-friendly deployable base unit designed to provide all the resources to easily extend a network’s reach. The Swoop Station is a fully off-grid container unit that provides power, comms & storage, as well as WHO PQS compliant cold storage to support the Swoop Aero Logistics Network.

Swoop Station is ready for deployment

These 20 ft Swoop Station units are built to ship with all Swoop Aero hardware onboard and are able to be moved via standard sea and road freight globally. Plus, their folding rooftop mounted solar array enables commencement of at-scale operations within the same day of delivery.

The Swoop Station™ can accommodate a full fleet of 15 aircraft, and when maintained with an 80% sun exposure, they can facilitate 100 flights per day completely off grid. This eliminates the operating carbon footprint of a drone delivery network for true sustainability.

Mechatronics fully functional

Architecturally designed

Fully off-grid container unit

Provides power, comms & storage, including cold storage

Designed to ship with all Swoop Aero hardware onboard

Ready to open anywhere in the world and commence at-scale operations within the same day.