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Meet the Team: Engineer Achini Gunawardana

Humans of Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero is dedicated to changing the way the world moves. Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers. 

In our new team profile series, Humans of Swoop Aero, we’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, create nuanced strategy, and deploy our ground-breaking technology to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.

Introducing… Flight Test Engineer Achini Gunawardana

For Achini, being a flight test engineer at Swoop Aero means no two days are the same.

“Some days I’d be out at our flight field testing our suite of hardware and software. Some other days would include working alongside the tech team to troubleshoot a variety of challenges faced by our customers, or working remotely with our local teams in Africa to support aircraft maintenance activities.”

Achini tests Swoop Aero’s new and existing hardware and software, including our Kookaburra and Kite aircraft and our flagship platform, to ensure our organisation’s world-leading airworthiness. She also helps manage day-to-day issues within our overseas networks.

Graduating RMIT with a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering, Achini completed an internship with Sri Lankan Airlines Engineering across a variety of different departments including Avionics, Technical Support & Non Destructive Testing (NDT) before joining Swoop Aero.

“Prior to my role as a flight test engineer, I worked across the manufacturing and flight ops teams. What amazes me day in day out about my work is the real world impact it creates globally, be it in remote communities in Africa or the highland communities in Scotland. Working alongside such a brilliant group of individuals always adds to the fun of working at Swoop Aero.”

If you’re interested in joining an amazing team that’s dedicated to building and deploying technology to transform how the world moves, check out our career opportunities!


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