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Meet the Team: Pilot Bornlove Ntikha

Humans of Swoop Aero: Pilot Bornlove Ntikha

Swoop Aero is dedicated to changing how the world moves. Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers. 

In our new team profile series, Humans of Swoop Aero, we’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, create nuanced strategy, and deploy our ground-breaking technology to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.



Bornlove, one of our pilots in the DRC, has remained an integral team player in the establishment, sustainment and scaling up of the network across the Equateur province since 2018 to bridge the gap in access to healthcare for hard-to-reach communities.

For Bornlove, the vision held by Swoop Aero underpins his commitment and passion to advance skills and knowledge within the rapidly growing drone industry.

“Utilizing my time, efforts, talent and ideas to build up the company while improving myself as well makes me feel useful,” said Bornlove.

A Tanzanian drone pilot, Bornlove received a Bachelor’s Degree in Community and Development Studies from Ardhi University of Tanzania. Prior to joining Swoop Aero, Bornlove gained over four years of experience in mapping through the use of various tools like drones (operational and technical) and mobile data collection with IoT integrations. He has also worked with large international humanitarian organizations on remote mapping across Africa and had a further three years’ experience in technical drone (hardware and software) works before he joined the talented Swoop Aero team.

For Bornlove, the freedom to learn and contribute to the addressing of a universally complex challenge, inequality of essential healthcare, whilst working in an industry he remains passionate about remains the primary appeal of Swoop Aero.

Along with his duties as a drone pilot, he also supports various other functions including logistic management, hub operation and technician for our DRC operations. On any one day, Bornlove will plan, execute, and improve operational processes to work more efficiently in such a challenging environment.

“Every day ends differently. You gain new experience and expertise, and see many opportunities to push forward your skills.” This unparalleled operational experience and real-world learning drive Bornlove to expand his skills and training, from maintenance and route planning to developing a new tool for site surveys in areas with no cellular signal.

“A day at Swoop Aero is amazing due to the team spirit each and everyone shows to me as we push the freight duties forward without thinking much of challenges.” According to Bornlove, challenges are not hindrances as everyone quickly thinks of ways to push flights off the ground to transform supply chains and move on-demand supplies to disadvantaged communities.

“What I’ve been dreaming of is now what I’m living in. I love aviation. With Swoop, it is more than what I used to know but what I look to learn and experience–teamwork, unmanned aviation technology, and the dedication to ensure the service is provided.”