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Meet the Team: Regional Manager Richard Adams

Humans of Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero is dedicated to changing the way the world moves. Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers. 

In our new team profile series, Humans of Swoop Aero, we’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, create nuanced strategy, and deploy our ground-breaking technology to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.

Introducing… Regional Manager, Oceania Richard Adams

Oceania Regional Manager Richard Adams joined Swoop Aero with a wealth of knowledge and experience in drone logistics.

A former British Army Captain, Rich’s roles included commanding over 1,000 hours of drone operations and developing and delivering drone training.

Rich also managed the Aviation Services Unit for the Victorian Government, was a bushfire program manager and the first Chief Remote Pilot for Parks Victoria, and prior to joining Swoop Aero, was a National Director with Disaster Relief Australia.

“Being able to utilise all of my past experience here at home in New Zealand, helping to launch Swoop Aero here, and as a result having the opportunity to have a positive impact on communities throughout the country is what I love about my role with Swoop Aero.”

Richard is helping introduce Swoop Aero into the New Zealand market, working with numerous stakeholders, identifying opportunities for growth, and executing local marketing and brand growth across the country.

“No two days are the same, which may sound like a cliche, but is very true,” says Rich. “I could be researching and reaching out to new and potential partners, working with existing ones, coordinating with various government agencies to help secure regulatory approvals and government level buy-in, attending, exhibiting and speaking at conferences and events, and of course spending time undertaking trial flights in some pretty stunning locations across the country.”

As a Regional Manager, Rich sees first-hand the impact Swoop Aero can have on communities, as well as the work of the team behind the scenes to deliver on Swoop Aero’s purpose to make access to the skies seamless.

“Everybody at Swoop Aero is here for the right reason – they want to use their diverse and impressive skill sets and experience to have a positive impact on people and communities around the world. It’s an incredibly exciting group of people to work with, who you know are going to achieve great things.”

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