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Meet the Team: Remote Pilot Regeza Kamunga

Humans of Swoop Aero

Swoop Aero is dedicated to transforming how the world moves. Our HQ is a space where engineers build aircraft alongside technology architects, operations managers, and marketers.

In our new team profile series, Humans of Swoop Aero, we’re introducing you to the incredible individuals who work to tackle seemingly insurmountable challenges, create a nuanced strategy, and deploy our ground-breaking technology to positively impact millions of people’s lives every day.

Introducing… Remote Pilot Regeza Kamunga


For our remote pilot Regeza Kamunga, one of the best things about working with Swoop Aero is having a positive impact on entire communities.

“I love managing the day to day operations in DR Congo with support from our Operation Manager and other colleagues. Flying Swoop aircrafts is exciting and hearing good stories from health workers and community members about how the Swoop Aero operations is enabling access to vaccination in remote locations is the most exciting part of my work. I think working with Swoop Aero, I am making an impact in these communities too”.

For Regeza, a typical day at Swoop Aero starts with daily planning, a pre-flight briefing, weather tracking, aircraft servicing, and packing and recording cargo for remote locations. Then, it’s time for Swoop Aero’s aircraft to take to the skies.

“At the end of a typical day”, says Regeza, “we record any delays in operations, communicate with local stakeholders, upload flight logs, jump on motorbikes back to Mbandaka and end the day with a smile from Lex and Charlie- they always wait for us by the door.”

Regeza is an alumnus of the African Drone and Data Academy’s inaugural cohort, and was certified as a drone pilot in 2020. The African Drone and Data Academy is a new UNICEF-sponsored academy sponsored by Virginia Tech. Swoop Aero, a supporter of Regeza’s inaugural cohort, hosted the students at our operations site, provided the aircraft, and was present during the graduation ceremony.

Regeza also has a diploma in Liberal Studies with a focus in Business from Regis University and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management with a focus in Public Administration from Southern New Hampshire University’s online program.

“The Swoop team is dedicated to meeting their goal of reaching 100 million people by 2025. I love working with people who challenge me. [Swoop Aero Operations Manager in DRC] Julian Woods challenges me a lot. He works day in and day out, he picks our calls even when it is midnight in Australia. He loves jokes and we have a few beers after work. The Swoop Aero team inspires me— I have seen my ideas being adopted and this makes me feel valued.”